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Welcome to Resolutions Consulting.

We are specialists in training and database development.

We won’t just develop a database for you (although we’d be happy to do that for you if you’d like!), we will help you create your own database.

We can help you learn Microsoft Access – something you may already have if you use Microsoft Office – which will enable you to create a database for Inventory Tracking, Human Resources’ attendance and training, Kaizen program tracking, Product Price Estimating, Customer Relationship Management and more.

Resolutions Consulting

We have over 25 custom databases in place stretching from Surrey BC to Toronto ON. Every one is custom. Every one is unique – just like you and your business. – Contact us today for more information!

Contact us and arrange a meeting to discuss your specific situation. There is no charge for the initial consultation. An off-the-shelf solution may be available or perhaps an application should be developed to meet your unique database needs. Some customers find that the creation of some Excel macros are sufficient to automate an existing process.

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